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Dove Group Research Facilities


We share state-of the-art synthetic and characterisation facilities with the O'Reilly group in the £24 M Materials and Analytical Science Building, completed in October 2011. The laboratories have been built to the highest modern standards and contain 28, 2 m fume hoods. They are equiped to the highest standard. Each researcher is nominally dedicated a fumehood and a desk in the write-up space in the group office that is directly outside the lab.

We have access to a wide range of analytical facilities including those in the Department of Chemistry (NMR spectroscopy, ranging from 250 to 700 MHz, Mass Spectrometry, including MALDI-ToF MS) as well as in the wider University including microscopy (TEM, SEM, AFM), X-ray analysis (WAXD, single crystal diffraction) and thermal analysis (DSC, TGA) and through the recent Birmingham Science City Initiative that has provided a wide range of characterisation equipment across Warwick and Birmingham. Most relevant to our research are the GPC facilities, Quartz-Crystal Microbalance, Rheometer and Universal Mechanical Testing equipment.

The group also has it's own dedicated analytical instrumentation colocated to the synthetic labs (joint with the O'Reilly group). These include:



  GPCs Auto-Flash Column Gas Chromatography HPLC  

Our Chromatography lab contains 4 x GPCs, including one with triple detection, each running with different solvent/column systems to enable a wide range of polymer analysis. The suite also contains an automated flash column system, GC and HPLC.



Opti-Melt Fluorimeter Infra-Red Spectrometer UV-Vis Spectrometer

 Our spectroscopy and analysis laboratory contains a range of instrumentation for small molecule characterisation. We have an Opti-Melt, automated melting point apparatus for melting points and other transmissitance measurements such as LCST. There is also a fluorimeter, IR spectrometer, polarimeter and a UV-Vis spectrometer fitted with a Peltier heating controller.


Solvent Drying Towers Glove Boxes Schlenk Lines

The group have outstanding facilities for performing air-sensitive manipulations. We have access to dry solvent via our dedicated solvent drying towers (8 different solvents) that are located in a dedicated solvent drying room. Furthermore, each fume hood is fitted with a high vaccum pump and Schlenk line and, joint with the O'Reilly group we have 2 x MBraun glove boxes for air-sensitive manipulations and storage.


µSL Freeze Dryer Centrifuge

The group has a range of other equipment that are applied in a range of our projects. These include a freeze dryer, centrifuge and instruments for microstereolithography (µSL) in addition to access to the O'Reilly group dynamic and static light scattering equipment.