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Chemistry Cycle to Work 2018

Thursday 28 June. Chemistry cycle to work day. What is it all about?

We aim to have 3 organised rides to work in the morning (leaving around 8:15 a.m.) from Kenilworth (Peter Scott, Jon Rourke, Dan Murdock – feeder rides from Leamington/Warwick), Coventry: Hearsall Common (Charlie Cunningham, Guy Clarkson) or Coventry Train Station, Memorial Park (Andrew Marsh) and Balsall Common (extendable to Knowle with Paolo Coppo). Three similar organised rides back from work (around 5 p.m.). Please ask if you live in Coventry or Leamington and are unsure of the best route to take, or are able to help!

Paolo Coppo’s FAQs on the day:

What do I need?

You need a bicycle of no particular description in reasonable working order and with some air in the tyres. A cycle pump and repair kit are useful, but modern 'lined' tyres prevent most flats. Make sure the saddle is at the right height and brakes work!

What if I am unfit?

Perfect! The aim is to travel at a pace which is comfortable for all, nobody will be left behind.

Is it hilly?

The Midlands are not the Alps, but they are not the Fens either. Expect a manageable amount of gentle undulation. The riders will take their time to wait for each other.

What about traffic?

We will travel at rush hour, but aiming to avoid the busy routes into Coventry (and out of). For the most part, we will use segregated cycling paths.

What if it rains?

We will keep calm and carry on.

Will I be able to shower and get changed?

There are a number of showers and changing rooms in the department, most notably on floor 3 and in MAS. You will probably sweat a lot less than you think.

Do I need to wear cycling clothes?

You should wear comfortable clothes, any will do.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Helmets are NOT legally compulsory, so by all means wear one if that makes you feel safe and don’t if you prefer not to.

Other thoughts ....

Can I eat all the cake I want?

Sadly, no! Paolo has worked out that he burns about a quarter of a million calories per year on a bicycle, but still managed to put on 4 or 5 pounds over Christmas!

He says the difference is that he begins to feel guilty at the third slice of cake!

Can I cycle to work all year round?

You might want to be careful with ice, fog and strong gales. In a bad winter, like the last one, that rules out a sizeable chunk of days between December and March. Other than that, yes, you can!

What if I don’t like to cycle in the rain?

Nobody does and you don’t have to. The University offers a flexible car parking scheme with scratch cards, which is very convenient and quite cheap! If you cycle to work half the time, that is still a lot of money saved and a massive health boost.