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Sam Hall


Sam Hall

MAS CDT PhD student

Molecular Analytical Science PhD student working in the Maurer Group on computational spectroscopic characterisation of metal-supported sp2 carbon nanostructures for functionalised thin-films and electodes.

Academic Background

  • Molecular Analytical Science PhD, University of Warwick - 2018-Present
  • Molecular Analytical Science MSc, University of Warwick - 2017-2018
  • Chemistry with a Year Abroad MChem, University of Leicester - 2012-2016
    • Year abroad at Oklahoma State University (2014-2015)

Previous Research

MSc Project - 10 Week Mini Projects

Project 1: Chemical Stability of Spent Nuclear Fuels: Computational Study of Uranium Hydride Corrosion (Dr Reinhard Maurer - Maurer Group).

Project 2: In situ Observation of Ceramic Bending Tests Using X-ray Computer Tomography (Dr Claire Dancer - Ceramics Group).

MChem Project: Investigation into Salt-Water Complexes using Liquid Helium Nanodroplets (Professor Andrew Ellis - Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group)

Extra Curricular Activities

I am part of the the University of Warwick Amateur Boxing Club and also enjoy the guitar and long distance running, having completed various half and full marathons.