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PhD and MRes theses

Name Title Date
Dr. Samuel L. Hall Computational prediction of core-level spectroscopy of metal-organic interfaces
to reveal chemical interactions, bonding and behaviours
March 2022
Dr. Billal Sohail Computational Characterisation of Donor-Acceptor Molecules at Metal-Organic Interfaces October 2022
Dr. Shayantan Chaudhuri Computational Simulation of Metal Nucleation on Diamond Electrodes December 2022
Dr. Martin Lea Computational Prediction of Molecule-Metal Charge Transfer Dynamics in Surface-Mounted Molecular Switches March 2023
Dr. Daniel Corken Simulation of Nonadiabatic Charge Transfer During Molecular Scattering at Metal Surfaces June 2023
Dr. James Gardner Simulation of Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics at Metal Surfaces August 2023
Dr. Connor Box First Principles Simulation of Electronic Friction Effects in Dynamics at Metal Surfaces January 2024
Dr. Wojciech Stark Machine Learning Models for Gas-Surface Dynamics May 2024