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Publication: Thind, R., O'Neill, D. W., Del Regno, A. and Notman, R. (2015) "Ethanol induces the formation of water-permeable defects in model bilayers of skin lipids" accepted to Chem. Comm. (Dec 2014)

Seminar: Becky gave a seminar at the recently-established Department of Chemistry at the University of Lancaster. (Oct 2014)

Conference: We all went to the CCP5 Annual General Meeting in Telford; Jenny, Alaina, David and Annalaura presented posters. (Sep 2014)


Becky, Annalaura and David went to the Skin Forum 14th Annual Meeting in Prague; Becky gave a keynote talk and Annalaura gave a talk in the Young Researchers Session. (Sep 2014)

Conference: Becky and Jenny gave talks at the Modelling Molecules and Materials – M3 MGMS Meeting at the University of Strathclyde. (Aug 2014)

Publication: Powell, N. H., Clarkson, G. J., Notman, R., Raubo, P., Martin, N. G. and Shipman, M. (2014) "Synthesis and structure of oxetane containing tripeptide motifs" accepted to Chem. Comm. (Jun 2014)

Conference: Becky gave a plenary talk at the Royal Society University Research Fellows Conference. (Mar 2014)

SET for BRITAIN: Jenny was selected to present a poster of her research at the Houses of Parliament for the SET for BRITAIN poster competition. (Mar 2014)

New Postdoc: We welcome Annalaura Del Regno, who is joining us to work on a project to develop an in silico model of dermal absorption, funded by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC). (Jan 2014)

Prize: Congratulations to Jenny for winning second prize for her talk at the Royal Society of Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium on Nanotechnology. (Dec 2013)

Publication: Thake, T. H. F., Webb, J. R., Nash, A., Rappoport, J. Z. and Notman, R. (2013) "Permeation of Polystyrene Nanoparticles across Model Lipid Bilayer Membranes" accepted to Soft Matter. (Sep 2013)

Science Busking: Jenny went on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio to promote public involvement in science, followed by a day on the streets of Coventry demonstrating science 'tricks' to all ages. (Aug 2013)

Prize: Congratulations to Jenny for winning the prize for best student seminar at the CCP5 methods in molecular simulation summer school for her presentation: Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Biomolecule-Diamond Interactions. See a photo of Jenny collecting her award from Professor John Harding (Sheffield) here. (Jul 2013)

MOAC Student: Christine Lockey from MOAC has begun her miniproject; she will be working with David Bray on simulations of keratins. (Mar 2013)

"Solutions in the spring": Becky visited Leeds to talk about Computer Simulations of Biomolecules at the IoP Advanced School in Soft Condensed Matter. (Mar 2013)

Chemical and Engineering News: Our nanofibres work is featured in Chemical and Engineering News. (Jan 2013)

Publication: Deller, R.C., Congdon, T., Sahid, M., Morgan, M., Vatish, M., Mitchell, D.A., Notman, R., Gibson, M.I. (2013) "Ice Recrystallisation Inhibition by Polyols: Comparison of Molecular and Macromolecular Inhibitors and Role of Hydrophobic Units" accepted to Biomaterials Science. (Jan 2013)

Publication: Mazza, M., Notman, R., Anwar, J., Rodger, A., Hicks, M., Parkinson, G., McCarthy, D., Daviter, T., Moger, J., Garrett, N., Mead, T., Briggs, M., Schatzein, A. G. and Uchegbu, I. F. (2013) "Nanofibre-Based Delivery of Therapeutic Peptides to the Brain" accepted to ACS Nano. (Jan 2013)

Conference: Several group members presented their research at the IoP Biomolecular Thermodynamics Meeting in London. (Nov 2012)

Fellowship: Becky has been awarded a prestigious 5-year Royal Society University Research Fellowship starting October 2012 to pursue her research on "Modelling the Lipid Layers of the Human Skin Barrier". Links to press releases: by the Royal Society, by Warwick. (Oct 2012)

PhD Student: We welcome to the group David O'Neill who has started his PhD project on modelling the skin lipids. (Oct 2012)

Conference: Alaina presented a poster entitled "Antifreeze biomimics; A molecular dynamics simulation study" at the RSC Carbohydrate COST Meeting 2012. (Sep 2012)

Summer School: Jenny attended the National Training School in Theoretical Chemistry 2012. (Sep 2012)

HPC Showcase: Becky presented at the MidPlus Molecular Modelling & High Performance Computing Showcase at the University of Nottingham. (Sep 2012)

Poster Prize: Congratulations to Jenny for winning a prize for her poster titled "Diamond Nanopores: A Platform for Single-Molecule Biosensing" at the inter-DTC conference last week. (May 2012)

MOAC Student: Philip Kitchen from MOAC has begun his miniproject on "Modelling Aquaporins". (May 2012)

Publication: Beevers, A. J., Nash, A., Salazar-Cancino, M., Scott, D. J., Notman, R. and Dixon, A. M. (2012) "Effects of the oncogenic V664E mutation on membrane insertion, structure and sequence-dependent interactions of the Neu transmembrane domain in micelles and model membranes: An integrated biophysical and simulation study", Accepted to Biochemistry. (Mar 2012)

Publication: Notman, R. and Anwar, J (2012) Breaching the Skin Barrier - Insights from Molecular Simulation of Model Membranes Accepted to Adv. Drug Del. Rev. (Jan 2012)

New Postdoc: We welcome Dr David Bray, who is joining us to work on a Unilever-funded project to investigate the keratin component of the skin barrier. (Nov 2011)

PhD Student: Jenny Webb has begun her PhD project on "Development and Application of Diamond Nanopore Platforms for the Investigation of Transport Phenomena in Ion Channels and Lipid Membranes". (Oct 2011)

PhD Student: Alaina Emmanuel has begun her PhD project on "Molecular Modelling of Ice Growth Inhibition by Biomimetic Antifreeze Macromolecules". (Oct 2011)

Poster Prizes: Congratulations to Anthony Nash who won first prize in the PhD students' poster competition and Jenny Webb who won first prize in the MSc students' poster competition at the MOAC annual conference. Well done Anthony and Jenny! (Jul 2011)

Systems Biology Student: Anthony Knight from Systems Biology has begin his miniproject on "Modelling nanoparticle-mediated delivery of antimalarials". (June 2011)

Meet the Scientist: We joined a team from the School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham to create a "walk-in cell" at the Thinktank museum in Birmingham during the half-term holiday. See the photos here. (June 2011)

MOAC Student: Jenny Webb from MOAC has begun her miniproject on "Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Nanoparticle-Membrane Interactions". (May 2011)

Awards in Focus: Our recent Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant has been featured here on the Leverhulme Trust website. (May 2011)

MOAC Student: Sarah-Jane Richards from MOAC has begun her miniproject on "Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Biomimetic Antifreeze Macromolecules". (Mar 2011)

Funding: A Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant has been awarded to Matthew Gibson and Rebecca Notman for a combined experimental and simulation study on the behaviour of bio-mimetic polymers. (Mar 2011)

Visitor: We are pleased to welcome Mariarosa Mazza, who is visiting the group from The London School of Pharmacy during October. Mariarosa's research is into drug delivery using nanofibres. (Oct 2010)

Publication: Notman, R., Oren, E. E., Tamerler, C., Sarikaya, M., Samudrala, R. and Walsh, T. R. (2010) Solution Study of Engineered Quartz Binding Peptides using Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics Accepted to Biomacromolecules. (Oct 2010)

PhD Student: Sang Young Noh from MOAC will be starting his PhD project on "The Interaction of Patchy Membranes with Mixtures of Colloids to Fabricate Armoured Synthetic Cells", a joint computational and experimental project with Dr David Cheung and Dr Stefan Bon. (Sep 2010)

PhD Student: Anthony Nash from MOAC will be starting his PhD project on "Understanding the "Rules of Engagement" for Membrane Protein Folding", a joint computational and experimental project with Dr Ann Dixon. (Sep 2010)

Office Move: Becky has moved with the Centre of Scientific Computing to it's new location in the Computer Science Building. (Sep 2010)

CCP5 Workshop: The workshop on 'particle adsorption soft interfces' was held at Warwick on 8th July - we thank all of the speakers for their interesting talks and discussions. Some photos of the lunchtime poster session can be found here. (Jul 2010)

URSS: Malte Luecken has started his summer project on "Crossing the divide: Computing the mobility of nanoparticles across cell membranes". (Jun 2010)

Funding: We have been awarded funding from the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) Capacity Building Competition for Dan Jones to join us over the summer to work on the interactions of nanoparticles with biological membranes. (May 2010)

Publication: Oren, E. E., Notman, R., Won, K. I., Evans, J. S., Walsh, T. R., Samudrala, R., Tamerler, C. and Sarikaya, M. (2010) Probing the Molecular Mechanisms of Quartz-Binding Peptides, Langmuir 26, 11003. (May 2010)

MOAC Students: Two MOAC MSc students will be carrying out miniprojects in the area of biomolecular simulation. (Mar 2010)

URSS: A student will be joining us over the summer to work on a joint project with Dr David Quigley in Physics on calculating rates of nanoparticle transport across membranes. (Mar 2010)

Publication: Friling, S., Notman, R. and Walsh, T. R. (2010) Probing diameter-selective solubilisation of carbon nanotubes by reversible cyclic peptides using molecular dynamics simulations, Nanoscale 2, 98 (abstract). (Jan 2010)