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Self-assembly of Nanofibres for Drug Delivery

The delivery of therapeutic peptides and proteins to the central nervous system is the biggest challenge when developing effective neuropharmaceuticals. The central issue is that the blood-brain barrier is impermeable to most molecules. One approach is to use an amphiphilic derivative of the peptide to deliver the peptide into the brain. Here, we are modelling the self-assembly of these amphiphilic peptides into nanofibres. Our aim is to provide new insights into the relationship between molecular structure, self-assembly and function, which will guide the development of new drug delivery systems.


Selected Publications

  • Mazza, M., Notman, R., Anwar, J., Rodger, A., Hicks, M., Parkinson, G., McCarthy, D., Daviter, T., Moger, J., Garrett, N., Mead, T., Briggs, M., Schatzein, A. G. and Uchegbu, I. F. (2013) "Nanofibre-Based Delivery of Therapeutic Peptides to the Brain" Accepted to ACS Nano.