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CH242 Teaching

This is the course website for the 2nd year Polymer Course CH242 - Introduction to Polymers.

The course lecturer is Rachel O'Reilly.

Link to the module proposal form

There will be 2 tutorials (in weeks 22 and 24) and also a revision workshop


This 15 lecture course builds on the work from the first year Introduction to Organic Chemistry course - Macromolecules, given by Professor Dave Haddleton. SEE LINK


Lecture handouts

L1 and the annotated version

2 and the annotated version

2b and the annotated version

Handout 3 for Lecture 5 onwards

L4 (note on slide 3 the intercept of the graph is = 1 (case 2))

L5 and the annotated version

L6 the annotated version

L7 the annotated version

L8 the annotated version

handout 4

L9 the annotated version

L10 the annotated version

L11 the annotated version

L12 the annotated version

handout 5



L15 - revision lecture - annotated version



27th May revision class


Tutorial questions

1 - worked answers

2 - worked answers

Extra questions from Odian - answers


Suggested texts

P Atkins "Physical Chemistry" Chapter 22

Clayden "Organic Chemistry" Chapter 52



Specific polymer textbooks

G Odian - Principles of Polymerisation
P Remmp and E W Merrill - Polymer Synthesis
G Challa - Introduction to Polymer Chemistry

Internet Resources
University of Missouri Rolla


Key Centre for Polymer Colloids - Sydney University

Case Western Reserve University



Problems from previous years

Past exam questions