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We currently work with a number of academics and industries in projects on multidisciplinary and fundamental research.

Industry collaboration


  • AWE
  • BP, Marine Technoloy Team
  • BP, Exploration Team
  • Unilever
  • Lubrizol
  • Nexeon


Academic collaboration AT WARWICK

Previous and current academic collaboration outside WARWICK

  • Dr Deborah Longbottom (University of Cambridge) - polymer supported and responsive organocatalysis
  • Professor Filip Du Prez (University of Ghent) - new coupling chemistries
  • Professors Andrew Turberfield (Oxford) and Eugen Stulz (Southampton) - DNA nanomaterials
  • Professors Paula Booth (KCL), Andy Ellington (Austin, Texas), Mike Jewett (Northwestern) - Genetically augmented and sequence controlled polymers
  • Professor Michael Monteiro (University of Queensland) - polymeric nanoreactors
  • Professor Michael Overduin (University of Birmingham) - SMALPs
  • Professor Thomas H. Epps (University of Delaware) - block copolymer self assembly and characterisation
  • Dr Olivier Colombani and Dr Christophe Chassenieux (University Du Maine) - self assembly and micellar mixing
  • Professor Nico Sommerdijk (TUe) - nanostructure characterisation, new microscopy methods
  • Professor Marina Resmini (QMUL) - functional nanoparticles for delivery applications
  • Professor Guosong Chen (Fudan) - glycopolymer nanoparticles
  • Professor Jianzhong Du (Tongji) - nanoparticles for AMR
  • Professor Per Setterlund (UNSW) - polymerisation methods in micellar confinement
  • Dr Kris Thurecht (University of Queensland) - polymer nanoparticle contrast agents for MRI
  • Professor Alex Adronov (McMaster University) - polymer-nanotube composites
  • Dr Serena Corr (Glasgow) and Dr Eleanor Schofield (Mary Rose Trust) - polymer additives for water logged artefacts
  • Professor Serge Cosnier (Grenoble) - carbon buckypaper
  • Dr Luke Connal (University of Melbourne) - new self assembled responsive nanostructures