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The O’Reilly Group moved into new laboratories and open plan office space (400 m2) in the MAS building which is part of the Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick in October 2011 (previously the group was based in the University of Cambridge). These laboratories provide state-of-the-art synthetic facilities and office space for our research group. We have facilities to fulfil the multipdisciplinary nature of our current research projects. We have 6 specialist equipment rooms (80m2), that are shared with the Dove group, which house a wide range of equipment including a peptide synthesizer; ALV Static Light Scattering; FT-IR spectrometer; fluorometer; plate reader; Malvern zetasizer (DLS, with auto-titrator); glove box; UV-vis spectrometer (with Peltier controller); Varian Intelliflash automated column system; GC with FID detector and autosampler; 2 HPLC systems with fluorescence detector, fraction collector and autosampler; 2 PL50 GPCs with RI and UV detectors; 1 Infinity GPC preparative scale with RI and UV detector, auto-titrator; freeze drier; polarimeter; rheomter; thermomixer; PCR, centrifuge; speed vac and complete PAGE analysis (including transilluminator) set up. We also have a cryo-holder and Gatan cryoplunge for TEM analysis and tomography which can be utilised on the 2100 TEM in the microscopy RTP housed in the MAS building. We have access to dedicated solvent towers for a range of dry solvents.

Within the MAS building and in the Chemistry and Physics departments we have access to state of the art high resolution NMR spectrometry, thermal analysis (DSC,TGA), electron microscopy (SEM, TEM), atomic force microscopy, particle sizing equipment (nanoscope, disc centrifuge, Mastersizer), XPS, X-ray scattering (XRD, WAXS, SAXS), a range of mass spectrometers (MALDI-TOF, ESI), FPLC, SPR, circular dichromism as well as cell culture facilities.


Lab Space - new labs and office space in the MAS building on the 4th floor






The Department of Chemistry has all the analytical tools required to fully characterise the materials made in our group: 500/600/700 MHz NMR, solid-state MAS NMR, CryoProbe, X-Ray Crystallography, MALDI-TOF and Electrospray MS, Dimension 3100 AFM, contact angle measurements, TEM and SEM (including cryo analysis), disc centrifuge, nanoscope, SLS, TGA and DSC.

The O'Reilly group also has a number of items of specialised equipment housed in our dedicated support laboratories:

centrifuge DLS freeze-drier


Dynamic Light Scattering

Freeze drier

Fluorometer GC IR


Gas Chromatograph



GPC - 2 SYSTEMS with multiple detectors


UV-vis Spectrometer

intelli speed vac  Polarimeter

Intelliflash automated column system

Speed Vacuum


 imag0046.jpg  pepe_front.jpg  img_1904.jpg


Peptide synthesizer


plate reader

Plate Reader