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This is the course website for the 2nd year Polymer Course CH242 - Introduction to Polymers - 2010/2011.

The course lecturer is Dr Rachel O'Reilly.

Link to the module proposal form, link to the proposal form with details of topics to be covered in each lecture

Link to the detailed lecture program for the course - will be updated regularly

There will be 2 tutorials (in weeks 22 and 24) and also a revision workshop on the 26th May.


This 15 lecture course builds on the work from the first year Introduction to Organic Chemistry course - Macromolecules, given by Professor Dave Haddleton. SEE LINK


Lecture handouts

After each lecture I will upload the annotated slides to this website. During the lecture I will write in black/blue or green and after the lecture I will add any further notes in red.


Handout 1


L2 -correction to slide 20

L3 - correction to slide 30

L4 - extra slide on derviations


Handout 2





Handout 3



L12 - answer to question on slide 27


L14 and 15 (double lecture on the 18th March)


Revision lecture - note deltaG is positive in Q1c but this means the reaction is is not spontaneous and energy needs to be put in to drive the reaction.

Additional quesitons from Odian



Tutorial questions

1 -

2 -


Suggested texts

P Atkins "Physical Chemistry" Chapter 22

Clayden "Organic Chemistry" Chapter 52



Specific polymer textbooks

G Odian - Principles of Polymerisation
P Remmp and E W Merrill - Polymer Synthesis
G Challa - Introduction to Polymer Chemistry

Internet Resources
University of Missouri Rolla


Key Centre for Polymer Colloids - Sydney University

Case Western Reserve University



Problems from previous years

Past exam questions

Last years exams questions