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Pattison Group, October 2016

GP group Oct 2016

We are a small recently-established team committed to the development of high-quality modern synthetic methodology which allows the construction of complex molecules in a simple, efficient and sustainable manner. A creative, enthusiastic and collaborative atmosphere is encouraged in the group where students are encouraged to share their ideas and receive a high level of training in modern synthetic chemistry.

MChem Project Students

dscf0293.jpg Chris
Teena Rajan

Chris Wray

Former Group Members

Gayeong Yoo (IAESTE Bursary, Summer 2016) Jack Emerson-King (MChem project, 2014-15) Igor Orlowski (MChem, 2013-14)
Tom Stephens (MChem project, 2015-16) Dan Leng (MChem project, 2014-15) Josh Kirsopp (URSS, Summer 2013)
Luca Dobson (MChem project, 2015-16) Conor Black (URSS, Summer 2014) Michael Webster (URSS, Summer 2013)
Eleanor Marks (URSS, Summer 2015) Tom Lamb (MChem, 2013-14)  
Andrew Heard (RSC Bursary, Summer 2015) Toby Nash (MChem, 2013-14)