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Midlands Polymer Conference

The Midlands Polymer Conference aims to bring together polymer scientists from across the Midlands.

This first iteration will be held at the University of Warwick on the 30th-31st of March 2020.

The Midlands has a fantastic track record in polymer science, and the aim of the conference is to bring together top polymer scientists from across the East & West Midlands, and promote collaboration and tech transfer.

Registration and abstract submission is coming soon.

Invited Speakers

Sebastien Perrier (University of Warwick)

Paul Topham (Aston University)

Helen Willcock (Loughborough University)

Fiona Hatton (Loughborough University)

Daniel Keddie (University of Wolverhampton)

Francisco Fernandez-Trillo (University of Birmingham)

Giuseppe Mantovani (University of Nottingham)

Nick Turner (De Montfort University)