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Materials and Polymers

The University of Warwick is a global centre of excellence for Polymer Chemistry. The research activities, driven by 8 core research groups, are at the international forefront of science with the wide support of industry. The state-of-the-art scientific infrastructure, involvement of over 100 researchers, an excellent MSc program, extensive polymer and colloid education in the Warwick Chemistry Undergraduate program, make the University of Warwick one of the best places in the world for Polymer Chemistry.


Join us as a master student on our MSc in Polymer Chemistry at the University of Warwick.

The Polymer Club is a consortium which links Warwick Polymer Chemistry to global industries with an interest in polymer science. Members benefit from the scientific infrastructure and expertise at Warwick, Polymer Club network conferences, access to education, the opportunity to advice on and direct new collaborative research and outputs, and access to future employees specialized in polymer and colloid chemistry. More information about membership

The Polymer Club also has a graduate educational branch in the form of a doctoral training centre (DTC) offering both PhD and master by research (MSc) programs. Scholarships are available for both. More information


haddleton.jpg Prof. David Haddleton Transition metal mediated polymerizations; protein-polymer conjugates.
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Dr. Andrew J. Clark Sustainable and renewable materials; organic synthesis.
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bon.jpg Stefan A. F. Bon S upracolloidal chemical engineering; polymer and colloid chemistry; soft matter physics and chemical engineering.
Dr. Matthew I. Gibson (Glyco)polymers for life sciences; therapeutics, cryo-preservation.
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t davis Prof. Tom Davis
Prof. Sebastien Perrier  seb