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Rocco Fornari

PhD Student since September 2014


During my studies in Materials Chemistry (BSc) and Photochemistry and Molecular Materials (MSc) at the University of Bologna (Italy), I specialized in the area of organic semiconductors under the supervision of Prof. Fabrizia Negri. After joining the Troisi group in 2013 as a visiting student, I started my PhD in 2014. My main interest is developing theoretical models to explain and predict structure-property relationships. I use a variety of theoretical and computational methods and techniques. I have an open and inter-disciplinary approach: my background is in materials chemistry with focus on photochemistry, while in my current research project I am exploring new concepts and ideas ranging from solid state physics to quantum dynamics of open systems. In my free time I play music.


Fornari RP, Aragó J, Troisi A
Exciton Dynamics in Phthalocyanine Molecular Crystals
J. PHYS. CHEM. C 120, 7987–7996, 2016

Fornari RP, Aragó J, Troisi A
A very general rate expression for charge hopping in semiconducting polymers
J. CHEM. PHYS. 142, 184105, 2015

Fornari RP, Troisi A
Narrower Bands with Better Charge Transport:
the Counterintuitive Behaviour of Semiconducting Co-Polymers
ADV. MATER. 26, 7627–7631, 2014

Fornari RP, Troisi A
Theory of charge hopping along a disordered polymer chain
PHYS. CHEM. CHEM. PHYS. 16, 9997-10007, 2014

Di Donato E, Fornari RP, Di Motta S, Li Y, Wang Z, Negri F
n-Type charge transport and mobility of fluorinated perylene bisimide semiconductors
J. PHYS. CHEM. B, 114, 5327–5334, 2010


Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group Meeting (SDGM 2016)
University of Warwick, UK, 5-7 January 2016 (POSTER)

Computational Molecular Science (CMS 2015)
University of Warwick, UK, 15-18 March 2015 (POSTER)

High Performance Models for Charge Transport in Large Scale Materials Systems (HPCT 2014)
Bremen, Germany, 6-10 October 2014 (POSTER)