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Sara Fortuna

Postgraduate Student

I have been a PhD student at Warwick University between March 2007 and June 2010. In October 2010 I started my postdoc at Sissa (Italy).

My main research interest is the study of self-organising chemical systems (see my Research page).

The main focus of my PhD research was based on the assumption that chemical systems are complex systems and can therefore be studied with the tools of Complexity Science. In this framework, I have developed a new rule-based model, namely an Agent-Based algorithm, for the study of molecular self-organization (see the Agent Based page).

I am also interested in studying the transition between the irregular and the regular behavior of chemical systems. This transition is often the consequence of a change in a particular property of the system, as happens with the packing patterns of spherical particles as a function of the particle radii (see Spherical Particles), and with phase transitions. An example of the latter can be appreciated running the java Applet in the Polymers page.

My codes are mainly written in C++, but I am familiar also with Java, BASH, Fortran, HTML, LaTeX. In the Fortran & C++ page I'll explain in a tutorial how to link the two. In addition, if you have a LaTeX-Beamer presentation and you want to learn a good trick to convert it into a poster, click here.

100 spheres on a spherical surface - MC simulation

Monte Carlo simulation

In the Past Activities page, there is an overview of the experience I have gained both in the Academia and in Industry before coming to Warwick University.

In the Links page, links to PhD tips and a couple of useful tutorials.

That's me!

That's me!

Sara Fortuna successfully passed her viva on the 9th July 2010.

Her PhD degree has been officially awarded on the 27th September 2010.

Cytosine Self-Assembly 2D

Cytosine 2D self-assembly