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Sara Fortuna



MD Network: Mathematical Challenges of Molecular Dynamics - A Mathematical-Chemical Network.

IOP: Institute of Physics, the leading professional body actively working to promote developments in physics.

RSC: Royal Society of Chemistry, the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences.


Conferences and Meetings on Complex Systems, Chaos and Self-Organisation

PhD Tips

Guide for PhD students (and post-docs) aiming for a successful career in science

Research is communication: How to write a GREAT research paper (presentation), How to write a paper (30pages book).

CV templates in LaTeX, and thesis advices for LaTeX users :)

Open positions (PhD/PostDoc): Psi-k (materials), TipTop (physics), CCL (computational chemistry)

C++ Getting Started

C++ Language Tutorial

Java Getting Started

Thinking in Java (e-book download HERE)