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Visitors & past members


Hainam Do

Spent one year with use as a post-doc, leaving in July 2015 to the University of Nottingham.

Alex Shaw

Did an MChem project with us (2014-15), working on the relation between conformation and electronic structure of polymers.

Alina Serdjukova

She did an MChem project (2013-14) on the kinetic modelling charge transport in confined electrolytes. She moved to a job in the business sector.

Ruper Ting

Worked during his master thesis (2013-14) on structure property relations of dye sensitized solar cell. Continued into a PhD at UCL.

Hector Vazques

After one year in the group he is now a J. E. Purkyně fellow in the Czech Academic of Science in Prague.

Natalia Martsinovich

After few years in the group as postdoctoral associate she is now a Lecturer at the University of Sheffield.

Tao Liu

He spent few years in the group and left in October 2013 to join the Earth & Environment School of the University of Leeds.

Mahesh Bhatt

He spent one year in the group and from November 2013 he works at University College Cork

Rocco Fornari

Spent 7 months in the group as graduate research associate until July 2013. He now is back in Bologna.

Ting Qin

Was a postdoctoral associate here for 1.5 years and then moved to Nottinghamshire (June 2013) work in a pharmaceutical company.

Juliana Bois

Did a MChem project here (2012/2013) and she is back in Germany for postgraduate education.

David O'Neil

After his MChem project on semiconducting polymers he started a PhD in Rebecca Notman's group.

Domenico Caruso

Worked two years in the groups on the theory of charge separation in organic photovoltaics.

David McMahon

Did MChem and PhD in this group, defended successfully in early 2011. He can be found at MIT (Boston, MA) from August 2012.

David Cheung

After three years as a post-doctoral associate he became Leverhulme Fellow and then Lecturer at Strathclyde. This is his web page.

Daniel Jones

After obtaining a PhD in June 2010 he moved to Oxford to became a senior scientist at the NAG group and he is now in the Material Modeling Laboratory of the University of Oxford.

Sara Fortuna

Obtained a PhD in June 2010 after 3.5 years in the group. Now she is a postdoc at Sissa (Italy) and you can find her here.

Lee Burton

Did an MChem here (2009/2010) and now he is a PhD student in Bath.

Stuart Vagg

Did an MChem here on the torsional potential of polymeric chains.

Jack Sleigh

Was an MChem student and an PG student for one year (from October 2007 till October 2009).

Arijit Bhattacharyay

Was a post-doc in this group from March 2007 till April 2008. He left to take on a position as assistant professor in Pune (India).

Konrad Diwold

Konrad was a Master Student from Amsterdam. He is visited us from June to September 2007 and he did here the work included in his Master thesis (submitted November 2007). He went on to do a PhD in Germany.

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