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PhD Graduates

NicoleDr Teena Rajan


Teena is now working for WMG


Dr Kelsey Cremin


Kelsey now has a Postdoc in Life sciences

Dr Emily Braxton


NicoleDr Nicole Reily


Nicole is now working for Severn Trent



Dr Tom Scott



Dr Josh Tully


Josh is a PDRA in WEIG!


Dr Enrico Daviddi


Enirco is a PDRA in WEIG!


Dr Alexandra Borrill


Alex is a technology consultant.


Dr Binglin Tao


Binglin is a PDRA in WMG.


Dr Shrina Bhagat


Shrina is taking a well deserved break.


Dr Baoping Chen


Baoping is back home in China teaching.


Dr James Edmondson


James is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx.


Dr Bryn Jones


Bryn is a PDRA for Paul Wilson at Warwick.


Dr James Teahan


James is a data analyst at GSK.


Dr Lewis Yule


Lewis is a trainee patent attorney at CMS.


Dr Lee Simcox


Lee is an assessment associate at OCR.

Dr Samuel Cobb


Sam is a PDRA in Cambridge, JRF and now a Leverhulme Fellowship holder (as of 2021).

Dr Haytham Hussein


Haytham worked as a PDRA with the group, did PDRA work at Southampton with Phil Bartlett and is now a PDRA at Swansea University.

danqing_liu.jpgDr Danqing Liu


Danqing was a project engineer in the WMG Energy Innovation Centre but has now returned to China

fadumaDr Faduma Maddar


Faduma is a project engineer in the WMG Energy Innovation Centre

mkDr Minkyung Kang


MK worked as a PDRA with Josh Edel at Imperial for a year, returned to Warwick as a PDRA, she held a Leverhulme Fellowship, before moving to Australia for PDRA work.

emmaDr Emma Ravenhill


Emma is a Technologist at Infineum

ashleypageDr Ashley Page


Ashley is a consultant for Newton

mariaDr Maria Adobes Vidal


Maria did a short PDRA with the group, and is now as a PDRA at ETH Zurich

zoeDr Zoƫ Ayres


Zoe continued working in the group, as a PDRA, and is now a senior research scientist with Hach

szeDr Sze-yin Tan


Sze is doing a PDRA at Imperial with Geoff Kelsall

sharelDr Sharel Pei


Sharel was a KTP fellow with Alphasense and Lisa Hall and now is an assistant professor at Teeside University

davidDr David Perry


David has stayed on in the group as a PDRA before moving to Newcastle for PDRA work in batteries.

lizDr Elizabeth Oseland


Liz stayed in the group for a short time as a PDRA and is now a project engineer at WMG.

lingcongDr Lingcong Meng


Lingcong was a PDRA at the University of Southampton as a PDRA and is now an assistant professor at the University of Lincoln in Chemistry

guohuiDr Guohui Zhang


Guohui is a PDRA with Milo Schaffer at Imperial

parkyDr Alexander Parker


Parky is doing charity work in Uganda, working with children, as part of Brass For Africa.

taniaDr Tania Read


Tania was working at Vivoplex, designing wearable sensors and is now back with the group holding a Warwick-Wellcome research Fellowship

barakDr Barak Aaronson


Barak was a PDRA in Prof. Frank Marken's group in Bath and is now running a family business in Italy

jennyDr Jennifer Webb


Jenny was awarded an EPSRC Doctoral Fellowship and is now working for Syngenta

sophieDr Sophie Kinnear


Sophie is an Emissions Analyst for Jaguar Land Rover.

huiDr Changhui Chen


Hui took up a postdoctoral position at the University of Birmingham and is now a PDRA at WMG

binoyDr Binoy Paulose Nadappuram


Binoy was a PDRA at Imperial College London and is now an assistant professor at Strathclyde University.

robcDr Robert Channon


Rob took a PDRA at Colorado State University with Prof. Charles Henry, did PDRA work at Imperial and now works for a glucose diagnostics spin off company

rehabDr Rehab Al Botros


Rehab is a research fellow for WMG

roblDr Rob Lazenby


Rob is an assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State University

jonnDr Jon Newland


Jon was a PDRA in Warwick Physics and is now a research scientist at Element Six


Dr Paul Kirkman


Paul is a research chemist for Lubrizol.


Dr Amy Perry


Dr Tom Miller
Tom undertook postdoctoral work at UCL, in the Electrochemical Innovations Laboratory and is now an assistant professor at UCL

Kate Meadows
Dr James Iacobini

is working for a water treatment company up North

Kate Meadows
Dr Kate Meadows
Kate is studying medicine in Cambridge.

Tahani Bawazeer
Dr Tahani Bawazeer
Tahani is an assistant professor in Saudi Arabia.

Kim McKelvey
Dr Kim McKelvey
Kim was a postdoctoral researcher with Henry White, University of Utah, took up an assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin and has just returned to New Zealand for an academic position.

Anisha Patel 
Dr Anisha Patel
Anisha was a postdoctoral researcher in Paris with Kanouffi, and Ulm with Kranz, came back to the UK to work for WMG and is now lab manager for the batteries group at Imperial

Siriwat Sansuk 
Dr Siriwat Sansuk

Siriwat returned to an academic position in Thailand.

Dr. Neil Ebejer 
Dr Neil Ebejer

Neil is working for IBM in Zurich.

Mike O'Connell 
Dr Mike O'Connell
Mike is a research scientist with the National Physical Laboratory.

Lucy Tomlinson 
Dr Lucy Tomlinson

Lucy is now a secondary school teacher.

Carrie-Anne McGeouch 
Dr Carrie-Anne McGeouch

Petr Dudin 
Dr Petr Dudin
Petr is an entrepenuer in Belarus

Michael Mbogoro 
Dr Michael Mbogoro
Michael is working at Frost and Sullivan.

Hollie Patten 
Dr Hollie Patten
Hollie was a postdoctoral researcher for Rob Dryfe, Manchester and is now working for Jaguar Land Rover.

Dr. Barry Silver
Dr Barry Silver

Dr. Laura Hutton
Dr Laura Hutton
Laura is a research scientist, E6.

Mike Snowden
Dr Mike Snowden
Mike, after PDRA studies with the group, worked with Mazourell in Canada, was a KTP fellow with PI, and now works for a battery company

Massimo Peruffo
Dr Massimo Peruffo
Massimo after a PDRA with the group is a research scientist at Johnson Matthey.

Agnieszka Rutkowska Dr Agnieszka Rutkowska
Agnieszka is a postdoctoral researcher working on solid state nanopores with Dr Tim Albrecht and Dr Joshua Edel at Imperial College London.

Mathias Schnippering Dr Mathias Schnippering
Mathias is a postdoc in the micro and nanosystems group at ETH Zurich (greenTEG)

Bianca Barbu 
Dr Bianca Barbu
Bianca is an analyst for NATO in Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A.

Hayley Powell

Dr Hayley Powell

Yi Chan

Dr Yi Chan

Ioana Dumitrescu 
Dr Ioana Dumitrescu
Ioana after a postdoc with Crooks at the University of Texas, Austin is now a medical science writer in the UK.

Jon Edgeworth
Dr Jonathan Edgeworth
Jon after a postdoc with Ruoff at the University of Texas at Austin, is now one of the Director of Moorfields.

John Grime 
Dr John Grime
John is now working as a postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala University.

Martin Edwards Dr Martin Edwards
Martin was a senior research fellow in the Department of Chemistry, Utah, USA and now holds an assistant professor position at the University of Arkansas.

Cara Williams 
Dr Cara Williams
Cara is a quality assurance project manager At Birmingham University (cancer trials)

Sara Dale 
Dr Sara Dale
Sara is a University Royal Society Fellow in the Physics department of the University of Bath.

Anna Colley 
Dr Anna Colley

Anna is a research scientist at Pilkington specialising in CVD coating technology.

Tom Day

Dr Thomas Day
Tom is working for KPMG.

Fei Li 
Dr Fei Li
Fei joined the group of Professor Hubert Girault at EPFL, Switzerland, as a postdoctoral research fellow.

Sophie Martin 
Dr Sophie Martin
Sophie is currently the Lead Chemist and KS4 manager at a secondary school in Kent.

Nikki Rudd 
Dr Nikki Rudd
Nikki is a Reseach Analyst in the Speciality Chemicals department at Frost and Sullivan in Oxford.

Eleni Bitziou 
Dr Eleni Bitziou
Eleni is a full time mum

Patrick Nicholson 
Dr Patrick Nicholson
Patrick is part of the Electrochemistry & Corrosion group at the National Physical Laboratory, London.

David Burt 
Dr David Burt
Dave works for Kelvin Nanotechnologies, a spin out from Glasgow University.

Mark Holder

Dr Mark Holder
Mark is now working for Aviva.

Lucy Bindley 
Dr Lucy Bindley
Lucy is a Chemistry teacher at Haileybury school.

Isabel Lee 
Dr Isabel Lee
Isabel is working for the Royal Society of Chemistry as Manager of Physical Sciences.

Douglas Macklam 
Dr Douglas Macklam
Doug secured a Medici Fellowship working for Warwick Ventures.

Cat Gardner 
Dr Catherine Gardner
Cat is a research scientist at Conductive Inkjet Technologies, Cambridge.

Susan Cannan 
Dr Susan Cannan
Sue is now a PGCE secondary science strand leader in the Department of Education at the University of Bedfordshire.

Nafeesa Simjee 
Dr Nafeesa Simjee
Naf is Senior Manager for University Relations at Blackberry.

Sofia Fonseca 
Dr Sofia Fonseca
After completing her PhD, Sofia returned to Portugal.

Nicola Gray 
Dr Nicola Gray
Nicki completed her PGCE and is Head of Chemistry at Queen Marys School in Walsall.

Jie Zhang 
Dr Jie Zhang
Jie is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry, Monash, Australia.

Phillip Dobson 
Dr Phillip Dobson
Phil is an assistant professor at Glasgow University.

Rebecca Haskins 
Dr Rebecca Haskins
Bex is a Senior Program Manager at the EPSRC.

Nick Evans 
Dr Nick Evans
Nick is currently employed as an Internet Administrator for Greater Manchester Weekly Newspapers.

Anna Whitworth

Dr Anna Whitworth

Samina Ahmed 
Dr Samina Ahmed
Samina is a research scientist with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Claire Jones 
Dr Claire Jones
Claire is a research scientist, specialising in surface chemistry, with Pilkington.

Chris Slevin 
Dr Chris Slevin
Chris is now a research leader for Stirling Medical Innovations in Stirling, Scotland.

Rachel Martin 
Dr Rachel Martin
Rachel is currently a Research Scientist (special projects manager) at Unilever Research, Liverpool.

Mark Beeston 
Dr Mark Beeston
Mark's last known employment was as a management executive for the Thistle Group.

Julie Macpherson

Prof. Julie Macpherson

is still here!!