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New Starters


Ian McPherson

Hi! My name is Ian McPherson and I have just joined the electrochemistry group as a postdoc to work on understanding and controlling crystallisation at interfaces with Prof. Unwin.

I have come from Oxford where I received my MChem and DPhil, also staying on for a postdoc. My previous work has been based on understanding electrocatalysis – how electrode materials can influence useful electrochemical reactions, especially those involved in energy conversion. I developed an in situ infrared spectro-electrochemistry approach to study intermediates adsorbed on nanoparticles during catalysis, and built a molten salt reactor for the electrochemical conversion of nitrogen and hydrogen into ammonia.

Outside the lab I enjoy running, swimming and cycling, occasionally combining all three into a triathlon, but never too seriously!


I work in C111, come by for chat any time!

Started August


Ingrid Edwards

Hi! My name is Ingrid Edwards, and I just recently joined the structural biology group as a postdoc to study polyketide synthases with Associated Professor Lewandowski.

I have an international background, received my MSc Chemistry in Lyon (France). I gained experience in analytical chemistry and NMR throughout various industrial experiences, such as Pfizer (UK) or Merck (Switzerland). Then I moved to Brisbane (Australia) where I started working on protein and peptides and I recently graduated from the University of Queensland with a PhD in chemical biology, structural biology. During my PhD, I worked on antimicrobial peptides, studying their structure, function and mode of action to design new therapeutically valuable peptides.

Outside the lab I enjoy hiking, cycling, baking and travelling.

I work in mainly in Millburn House in F12 but you will always find me also in Chemical Biology facility. Come and stop for a chat any time!!

Started September


Kat Murray

Hi, I’m Kat Murray and I’ve just joined as a postdoc in the Gibson group. I recently finished my PhD University of Sheffield as part of the CDT for polymers, soft matter and colloids at the. My PhD has focussed on the development of a topical prodrug to treat burn scar contracture, supervised by Dr Seb Spain and Professor Sheila MacNeil.

When I’m not in the lab I enjoy cycling, travelling to far off places and baking. I’m based in the ground floor office in MAS- feel free to pop by and say hi (if you’re lucky there may even be cake!).

Started October


Fernando Pomiro

Hi, my name is Fernando Pomiro. I’m from Argentina and I have just joined the Senn Group as a postdoc to work in a project whose main aim is to provide vital proof that materials with physical properties as complex as magnetoelectricity can be designed using a symmetry based approach.

My research focuses on the structure-property relationship in the area of functional materials and straddles the interdisciplinary areas of Solid State Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics and Crystallography. In 2016, I completed my PhD in Solid State Chemistry at National University of Córdoba (Argentina). After my PhD, I diversified my research skills by undertaking a PDRA in surface science at National University of the Litoral in Santa Fe (Argentina). This year I was awarded with the WIRL-COFUND fellow (Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions) of the Institute of Advanced Study of the University of Warwick and during the next two years I will be working at the Senn Group at the Department of Chemistry.

Outside the lab I enjoy running, playing football and travelling! I’m based in the fourth floor office in MAS (my desk is at the end of the hall). Please feel free to come and say hi.

Started October


Toru Ishibe

Hi, I’m Toru Ishibe, and just recently joined the Gibson group as a visiting research fellow. I’m working at JSR Corporation which has wide variety of business for functional materials in Japan. In October 2018, I said short goodbye to ‘Business chemistry’ and joined Gibson group to grow as a researcher for two years. While joining the group, I engage about ice-controlling surfaces and de-icing surfaces with controlled radical polymerization.

When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy playing with my children. I would like them to have experiences they cannot do in Japan. I’m based in the 3rd floor office in MAS (I’m sitting near the toilet behind the office). Please feel free to talk to me!

Started October


Minkyung Kang

Hi, my name is Minkyung Kang and I just re-joined Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces Group (WEIG) as a postdoc to study CO2 reduction processes on nanomaterials with Prof Unwin.

I did my PhD in the same group, developing scanning electrochemical imaging techniques to probe electrocatalytic activities on nanomaterials. I’ve also extensively worked on nanoprobe fabrication, which can perform as a multifunctional probe obtaining both topographical and electrochemical information. After my PhD, I moved to London to work as a postdoc at Imperial College London (ICL). My main project at ICL was developing biosensors with high sensitivity which can go up to single molecule level. I’ve developed pipette-based nanopore sensors controlling the mobility of individual molecules (DNA, proteins etc.) and delivering them to a single (biological) cell. 

Outside the lab, I enjoy a pint (can be “pints”) of Guinness, hiking, reading and travelling.

My office is C112 (around the corner at the moment) in Chemistry. Anyone is welcome to come and chat with me.

Started October