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What is ChemWellbeing?

Build a community where we take a shared responsibility for our wellbeing in the department.

Our Focus

Address and share stories on wellbeing issues arising from being at Warwick and studying and working in the Department of Chemistry

Graph of wellbeing and mental health

Our Mission Statement


Next issue

The next issue will focus on Impostor Syndrome and will include stories and submissions from both staff and students, including a ChemSoc Exec.

Call for submission

Please submit your article using the form below before the next deadline


Support and help and signpost

Wellbeing and Diversity @ Warwick Chemistry

Submission Form

The form is anonymous and will not collect any personal details, unless you choose to make a named submission and add your details to the form.

Every submission will have the 'right to be forgotten' and will be removed immediately without any follow up question. If for any reason you would like your past or present submission to be removed from ChemWellbeing, please email Bo Kelestyn on