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Chemistry Modules


Year 1 (all core)

Year 2 (all core)

Year 3

Year 3 - Core Modules

Year 3 - Optional Modules

Year 4

Year 4 - Core Modules

[ * Module is core for Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry Degrees ]
[ † Module is core for MChem Chemistry with Industrial Placement ]
[ ‡ Module is core for MChem Chemistry with International Placement ]
[ ** BSc Only] [ *** Compulsory for MChem ]

Our flexible degree courses allow you to take additional subjects from other departments alongside your chemistry modules, with approval from your Personal Tutor and the module leader. Examples of modules taken by our students include Computer Programming, Genetics, Starting a Business, Introduction to Finance, and a wide range of languages from Spanish to Japanese.

RSC Accreditation

RSC accreditation is an internationally recognised mark of good practice that shows that the course curriculum has been critically reviewed and meets required quality benchmarks. Graduates from accredited courses may therefore have an advantage when applying for jobs, and professional qualifications such as Chartered chemist (CChem) status.

MChem accreditation

All our MChem courses are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). Students registered on the MChem in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry (including placement variants) must undertake their MChem Research Project within biological or medicinal chemistry research. Students registered on the Medicinal Chemistry stream will be given priority when allocating supervisors within these research areas.

BSc accreditation

If you are registered on one of our BSc courses and wish to obtain a BSc with accredited status, in Year 3 you will need to either take Extended Labs or BSc Placement Project as one of your module options. In addition, if you are registered on the BSc in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry stream, you must take O3 as your experiment choice, or undertake your placement within biological or medicinal chemistry research.