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Placements and Internships

Undergraduate student opportunities

Choosing to go on a placement abroad is the best thing I have ever done. I grew in confidence during my time at Monash – both in my skills as a Chemist and also in a wider sense. Spending time at Monash has given me the chance to travel, explore and have many new and exciting experiences. A placement abroad can be challenging but it is so rewarding and allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and achieve things I would never have thought possible before I went."
Gaby Newson, MChem Student

Gaby Newson

Placements are a great way for you to enhance your degree. Warwick students have the option of industrial placements throughout the UK or academic placements across Europe or in Singapore or Australia.

Types of placements:

3-6 month industrial or academic placement (MChem only)

Placements may be taken in industry or at an overseas university/research institute between April and September in Year 3. Should you choose this option there will be the usual lectures, tutorials and workshops at Warwick during the first two terms, and you will sit your exams in March. The placement replaces the laboratory classes that the students at Warwick take during the summer term.

Funding support is available either via the Erasmus scheme (for European placements) or from the department (for overseas placements, for which ERASMUS funding is not available).

During the placement, you must complete a 5000-word report which is submitted at the beginning of Year 4. A poster based on your project work should also be produced; a poster presentation session will be held during the first term of Year 4. The supervisor at the host university or industry will write a report assessing you on your attendance, enthusiasm and commitment.

These three components make up the final grade for the placement, worth around 25% of the year, which counts towards the final degree result. The words ’with International Placement’ are added to the degree title.

Huda Shaikh

The greatest source of inspiration for my future career came from my academic placement to Eindhoven. It exposed me to a plethora of opportunities that I could pursue when I graduate, such as simply working abroad now that I know how enjoyable and feasible it can be. In addition to gaining research experience at a top international university, I also cherish the wealth of support I got from my supervisors and the insight I gained into their working environment. Establishing strong friendships abroad and getting to explore Europe more conveniently makes this placement the highlight of my university experience and I would strongly endorse this option for upcoming third years.”
Huda Shaikh studying at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

12 month industrial placement with integrated distance learning (MChem only)

The industrial placement replaces Year 3 of study and aims to provide students in developing a range of interactive skills, as well as gaining professional experience in an industrial environment. The actual day-to-day running of the placement will be defined by the industrial supervisor but will be designed to be of maximum benefit to both you and the company, ensuring that your professional development will encompass as wide a variety of experience as possible in the context of the placement.

During the placement, you will follow three modules studied by distance learning. You must also complete project work that is assessed by a written literature review, and an oral presentation about your project, followed by an interview during the first term of Year 4. The industrial supervisor will write a report assessing the your on your attendance, enthusiasm and commitment.

These components make up the final grade for the placement, worth 75% of the year, which count towards the final degree result. The words ‘with Industrial Placement’ are added to the degree title.

12 month Intercalated Year (BSc or MChem)

It is also possible to carry out a 12 month placement via an ‘Intercalated Year’. The placement should involve working for a company, institution, or organisation related to chemistry, allowing students to gain valuable professional experience, without formally counting towards the final degree result. The words ‘with Intercalated Year’ are added to the degree title.

Placement opportunities are available as advertised by UK/worldwide industry. Industrial placements in Europe qualify for ERASMUS support.

These options are assessed and therefore will contribute as a formal part of your degree.

Throughout the academic year, your placement coordinators Sebastien Perrier (industrial placements) and Gabriele Sosso (ERASMUS and overseas placements), are your contact points and they will help you with the application process, getting you prepared for your internship, will keep in touch with you throughout your period in industry or at the exchange academic institution, and will coordinate assessment of your work (if applicable). In addition we have a specialist careers consultant for Warwick Chemistry, Charlie Cunningham, who will help you build your career portfolio and CV.

3 month industrial placement (BSc only)

We give BSc students the opportunity to source a short industrial placement between April and June to replace the laboratory classes that the students at Warwick take during the summer term. Dedicated assistance from a placement and careers support team is available to help you find an employer. If you take this module you must write a 5000-word project report during your placement; your performance will also be assessed by your industrial supervisor. These two components make up the final grade for the placement, worth 25% of the year, which counts towards the final degree result.


Our current European partner universities are:
Barcelona, Spain,

Chalmers, Sweden,

Modena, Italy,

Toulouse, France,

Wien, Austria

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Our current Overseas partner universities are:
Monash University, Australia

Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

A selection of companies who have offered placements to chemistry students:
British Sugar
Croda, Cheshire
DSM Netherlands
DSM Resins Netherlands
Janseen Pharmaceutical in Europe
Johnson Matthey
Reach Separations
Synergy (High Wycombe)