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Text to use when citing support from the grant:

This work was supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [grant number EP/I001514/1]. This Programme Grant funds the Materials Interface with Biology (MIB) consortium.

Please remember to send a copy of your paper to Gordon Brown when you submit it.


Programme Logo

Here are 4 variants of the programme logo. They differ according to the presence/absence of the words, and the presence/absence of a white background.

logo-clear.png logo-white.png logo-words-clear.png logo-words-white.png

You can download the whole set as a zip file by clicking here

Explanation of the logo

The logo is constructed from the letters M, I and B, representing the Materials Interface with Biology. In the context of this research project, "Materials" refers to hard matter (typically minerals like CaCO3), while the "Biology" is seen in the soft biomolecules (proteins, lipids, sugars, ...) that are interacting with the hard matter.

The M is sideways compared with the B, symbolising the very different nature of hard and soft matter (mineral materials and biological molecules)

At the same time, nature has managed to merge these two different types of matter into a unified whole (as seen in bone, corals, shells etc.), and this is seen in the symmetry the logo has as a result of the different dirctions for the Material and Biological components.

Colour Scheme

These are the hexadecimal RGB definitions of the colours used in the logo and the web pages (although the actual colours obviously vary a little around these values in different regions of the web page).

For the logo:

  • The "m" in the logo is #4298a6
  • The "B" in the logo is #75a075
  • The "I" in the logo is a composite of #707070 (outside) and '75a075' inside

For the surrounding regions of the web pages:

  • The blue-grey side bar is #b0c0e0
  • The grey-green top bar is #75a075