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Session 3 - Guide to makefiles

Session Objectives:

By the end of this session you should be able to:
  1. Build an executable that comprises several source files using a makefile
  2. Comprehend and sensibly modify an existing makefile to suit your platform
  3. Write your own makefile to suit your own suite of source files

Follow the links on the left to work through each section in this session.

This material should be considered as a quickstart guide to makefiles and in no way comprehensive. The intention is that once you have mastered the ideas in this tutorial, then you should have sufficient information to find out more about makefile, e.g. "Managing Projects with Make" from the O'Reilly nutshell series.

Session Assessment:

This part of the module is assessed by an online test. There are two tests available for this Session:

  1. A practice test called Walsh CY900 S3 MOCK TEST
  2. The REAL test called Walsh CY900 S3 REAL TEST

You can take the mock test 3 times. Also, you have at most 3 attempts to pass the real test.

The pass rate is 70%.

To take the test, follow the link below, and then log in with the userid and password that I will assign to you on Day 1 of the module.

You should try to pass this test ASAP, but the deadline for completion of ALL tests is Friday of week 0.

Online tests - Perception