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MSc Computer Science

Our advanced course explores the frontiers of computer science, providing you with a fundamental understanding of current and emerging applications domains to ensure you are equipped for a successful career.
Our course is designed for technically minded graduates with a background in computer science, mathematics or the physical sciences. The course provides a comprehensive preparation for the use of cutting-edge techniques in industry, though its research focus also makes it an excellent starting point for research, through PhD study or in a commercial setting.

Course Content

As one of the most established departments in the UK, our focus is on the principles and underpinnings of computer science, an understanding of which will ensure you are able to adapt to change and new developments throughout your career. This long-term view is a key reason why our courses enjoy enduring success with many of the world's foremost employers.

The course has two components - a taught component and a dissertation. The taught component will allow you to acquire expertise and industrially relevant technical skills in cutting edge areas of computer science, including agent based systems, high performance systems, game theory and bioinformatics, as well as experience of project management, academic writing and scientific method.

The taught component is complemented by a dissertation project, undertaken primarily in the second half of your course, which offers the opportunity to specialise and explore areas of interest in greater depth. Your dissertation may be entirely research focussed or directed towards the application of advanced topics. Crucially, there is always scope for commercial support from a wide range of industrial partners, giving you the chance to establish industrial links during your course.

Our Teaching pages provide full details of every module we teach. You should feel free to explore these pages to gain an understanding of what we teach, the skills our students develop and the opportunities our courses create.

Career Paths

The research focus of our course means our students develop with a rigorous understanding of scientific principles alongside a breadth of technical skills, making them suited to industry and scientific research. Popular industries for graduates of our course include consultancy, defence, finance and technology, perhaps because the advanced nature of our programmes allows them to take up senior positions within these industries at an early stage of their careers.

Aside from industry, many of our graduates go on to pursue research careers, whether through doctoral study in academia or commercial research. In each case, the rigour of course and our stimulating research environment ensures their continued success.


Our courses qualify for exemption from the BCS Professional Examination. Graduates can attain Professional Membership after a shortened period of experience and training. BCS Professional Membership carries the right to use the designator MBCS.
Entry Requirements

Academic: 2.1 undergraduate degree or higher in a mathematical or scientific discipline.

English Language: IELTS 6.5