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Anita Panchmatia

Computer and Business Studies

My Computer and Business Studies degree at Warwick University was integral to securing a graduate post at JPMorgan, and subsequent role at Goldman Sachs.

As a graduate, the combination of business and technology disciplines, twinned with French and German modules, gave me a unique position in the marketplace. I was able to translate between the needs of the investment bank and the ability of the application development teams, to manage, deliver and sell trading applications.

The core first year modules gave me a sound understanding of the principles of Computer Science. Modules such as Computer Organisation & Architecture gave me the credibility to win the confidence of Technology teams. Second year modules in Computing & Information Systems and Computer Systems Design gave me an invaluable toolset. The methodologies taught are widely used in industry and I applied them with confidence to my own projects.

Marketing Analysis and Starting a Business modules developed transferable skills in communication, analysis and negotiation. These are critical in my role at Goldman Sachs, where I develop financial products for ultra high net worth clients. Final year modules such as Marketing Strategy and International Marketing increased my commercial awareness and language classes have proven invaluable when communicating with colleagues and clients.

Outside of the lecture hall, I had the opportunity to pursue varied interests, some of which I continue to this day, such as dancing.

I would strongly recommend both my course and Warwick University. It is a university where you are stimulated, both academically and culturally, and where you will undoubtedly form life long friendships.