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Haemish Graham

Computer Science

The Computer Science Department at the University of Warwick has a well-founded reputation for quality based on the performance of its graduates in real positions in real companies. During my first job interview, I was asked a mix of theoretical and practical questions, which three years as an undergraduate at Warwick had left me well prepared to answer. I'm pleased to say that I got the job, which was to prove the first of several encounters with Warwick alumni during my career. Since that first job in a Science Park incubation unit close to the University I have run my own company with two University friends and we ended up with an entire staff of Warwick graduates; they had the right skills and the right attitude.

While I benefited enormously from working with fellow Warwick graduates, I chose to broaden my horizons and take advantage of the opportunity to pursue my ambition to get involved with both the mobile computing and games industries. After researching a number of prospective companies I rang my first choice and enquired if there were any career opportunities for someone with my skill-set and experience. A few weeks later I was writing games for PDAs, and continued to do so for nearly five years. The latter part of my employment there was as CTO with the responsibility of representing the company on an international stage as frequent trips were required to conferences and tradeshows around the world. During my time with this company, I developed relationships not only with other industry players, but also with Universities, Regional Development Agencies, and the Department of Trade and Industry. The University of Warwick is well placed to assist graduates in opening a dialogue with such institutions.

My current position is in a small Mobile Software Company in Wales where I am able to share my enthusiasm for mobile computing with like-minded colleagues to deliver innovative products to companies and consumers around the world.