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Joseph Humfrey

Computer Science

During my three-year Computer Science degree at Warwick, I always had some idea that I would like to become a game developer. I started applying to companies in my third year, and in January 2005 was invited for an interview with Rare Ltd, who are responsible for titles such as the Donkey Kong Country series and Goldeneye. Eight years on, my career has spanned periods at both Microsoft and Sony, working on their first party games. Although much of what I studied during my degree at Warwick is not directly relevant to my day-to-day work, I believe the course was an exceptional education. As a Computer Scientist it has trained me in a disciplined way of thinking, and has given me an excellent foundation to work with. I have now co-founded my own independent game development company called inkle Ltd, which has developed several very successful apps and games for iOS. We’re now in a position where we’d love to hire some talented Warwick Computer Science graduates ourselves!