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Simon Lumb

Computer Science

I started at Warwick in 1998 and came to the course with a hunger for knowledge and a love of technology. Graduating in 2001 with a 2:1 BSc Honours in Computer Science, I walked into a job with Computer Associates working in Business software. I stayed for over 3 years before moving on to my current role working for the BBC in Interactive Television.

The course at Warwick is fantastic. You really don't realise the quality of the teaching and the grounding you get in all disciplines until you hit industry. The focus on theory, the modular structure and the support and facilities (especially in the new building) are second to none. Being able to land a job at the fourth largest software house and subsequently the most respected broadcasting corporation in the world is down to the knowledge and experience that Warwick gave me. With an understanding of formal concepts taught by some of the best computer science researchers in the country you gain a key set of skills that you can apply to all aspects of computing. I couldn't have learned new computer programming languages, have designed software or extended, modified and understood existing systems so easily without the great teaching at Warwick.

I look back with fondness and thanks and find it refreshing to be able to still chat to those who taught me. I even meet some of them again in industry and have the chance to work with them as peers. It is a great thing to have been educated at Warwick and the benefits to my career have been enormous. Seven years ago I didn't know how to program a computer at all. Now I'm working at the cutting edge, creating the digital services of the future. Applying to do Computer Science at Warwick was the finest educational choice I could have made.