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Department Events

The department runs a variety of seminars, workshops and colloquia. See upcoming events below. You are also welcome to sign up to the seminar mailing list.

For more information please contact Tom Gur, the organiser of the Computer Science Colloquium.

For visiting the department, see the map of campus, directions, and accommodation recommendations.
(Be reminded that the University of Warwick is not, surprisingly, located in the town of Warwick.)


Thu 27 Feb, '20
Deep Learning for Vision Lecture and Workshop

Join experts in Deep Learning from V7 ( ,a London-based vision AI startup developing tools to use AI to autonomously label, and periodically learn from training data. V7 is a high caliber technical team, and their deep learning scientists average 600 citations. They're looking for young talent to join their team, and want to educate on both deep learning and how to develop a computer vision application.

In addition to an introduction to deep learning, V7 also will discuss the difference between deep learning in academia and industry and run a small interactive session with prizes available for performing well!