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Vincent Hall

Me, white wallTitle and group

I am a research fellow, aka post doc working in Dr. Nathan Griffiths' group.

I started with the Griffiths Group in late April 2017, my post doc is until end April 2019.

I work lots with Prof. Graham Cormode.


I research data compression for vehicle data.

I'm mostly looking at data sketching, which is lossy data compression, often using frequencies of items or eigenvectors.



2014 - 2017: I was a Big Data Scientist at Trakm8, a vehicle telematics company. I worked in Coleshill.

2010- 2014: I did my PhD in MOAC, a division of the School of Chemistry, here at Warwick.


The project I'm part of is funded by EPSRC and Jaguar Land Rover.