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Oran Devilly


I am an Irish students doing my PhD in Adaptive Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the area of adaptive educational system and the impacts they have when deploy in computer lab based classroom environments and am part of the Educational and Technology Lab Intelligent and Adaptive Systems Group at the University of Warwick.
For my day job, I’m also the Director of Learning Teaching and Student Experience at the University of Worcester and lead a BSc in Game Design and Development. My day to day activities involve overseeing the strategic direction for Learning and Teaching for our Business school, supporting staff through meetings, workshops and interventions on their teaching, leading and teaching various programming and game design modules on our game courses and connecting with industry partners to enhance our game design and development curriculum.
I am very interesting in educational technology and using technology to enhance processes as this is something I use as part of my job to ensure students get the best possible experience. I enjoy teaching others how to use various forms of technology to improve their processes and response times to students in terms of feedback and support and as such my research direction has been to explore how such support and feedback could be offered to students via an adaptive learning environment, offering them scaffolding and control over their learning which to such a fine level would otherwise be almost impossible.

Department : Computer Science
Research Group : Educational and Technology Lab Intelligent and Adaptive Systems Group
Supervisor : Dr. Jane Sinclair
Research Area : Adaptive Learning Environments
Started : 1 April 2014

Research Interests

My research is titled “The impacts on engagement of an Adaptive Educational System as an integrated part of a classroom environment”. An adaptive educational system is a tool that is used to deliver course content to students in an adaptive way, based on the user’s interaction with the system. It can tell which topics you have read through, suggest new topics and for this research it will also allow you to evaluate how you are doing in workshops and adapt the content of the workshop to suite your needs. Research has suggested that students who have control over their learning, have challenge in their work that is aligned with their current abilities and feel supported have a higher sense of emotional engagement.
My research aims to explore the impacts such a system may have in a classroom environment as well as the potential benefits and downfalls tied to the use of such a system as part of a first year programming course for which across the UK dropout rates on such courses are always considered higher than in most other academic subject areas.

Other Research Interests

• Educational Games
• Gamification in life and learning
• Adaptive Artificial Intelligence for game AI

Profile Picture

Oran Devilly

O dot Z dot Devilly at warwick dot ac dot uk