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Jack Kirton

About Me

I am a postgraduate student studying as a member of the Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities (WISC). I completed my BSc in Computer Science here at Warwick, followed by an MSc in Data Analytics. I am now studying source location privacy under my supervisor Dr Arshad Jhumka.


Source Location Privacy is a specific problem to a set of WSNs charged with the task of asset monitoring. In a WSN such as this, one has a sink (that collects data from the entire network) and a source (the currently broadcasting node). A node is said to broadcast when it becomes aware of the presence of a particular asset. This information is then routed back to the sink. The problem arises when we wish to keep the location of the asset private, as one could simply find the source of data and they would have captured the asset. SLP is the art of preventing this case.

What I am specifically doing in this area is researching the possibility that SLP can be provided to a network by simply altering the MAC protocol. Currently I am exploring this concept in TDMA networks by using the MAC protocol to alter each of the node's time slots in order to create a diversionary route through the network that an attacker would be attracted to. I am also examining the potential use of genetic algorithms in order to generate offline TDMA schedules with diversionary routes, as well as utilising various strengths of attacker and looking into the effects of crash tolerance in these networks.

In order to perform this research I am being funded by the EPSRC.


  • Jack Kirton, Matthew Bradbury and Arshad Jhumka. "Source Location Privacy-Aware Data Aggregation Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks" The 37th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS). June 2017.


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Jack Kirton

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