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Ian Tu

About Me

I am a PhD student here at the University of Warwick, started in December 2015, supervised by Dr Abhir Bhalerao and Dr Nathan Griffiths. I completed my undergraduate degree at Warwick in Summer 2015, gaining a BSc in Discrete Mathematics.


My research is about driver state monitoring and occupant profiling, combining the use of inward-facing vehicle cameras and computer vision techniques to analyse the current state of the vehicle's occupants. This involves identifying each individual inside the car, determining their state (tired/distracted/...) and recognising the relationships between occupant state and visual cues to predict and model occupant behaviour and intention. The applications of this are active safety such as creating a driver distraction detection system, and personalising the in-car experience.

Contact Information

Feel free to email me at I dot Tu at warwick dot ac dot uk


Ian Tu

I dot Tu at warwick dot ac dot uk