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David Richardson

About Me

I am a PhD student under the umbrella of the Warwick Instititute for the Science of Cities (WISC). I completed my undergraduate masters in Computer Science in 2017. I am now performing research into the problems faced by transiently powered sensor networks under the supervision of Arshad Jhumka.

In my spare time I am an active member of the university's Archery club, representing at a national level. I am formerly the president of the Computing Society and eSports coordinator for Overwatch. I am an avid gamer, photographer, and enjoy a large range of music!


With a wide range of technologies emerging and being refined for use at micro-scale, more and more methods for powering sensor nodes in networks are becoming feasible and preferrential over traditional cell battery approaches. Methods such as energy harvesting from the environment do not guarantee a reliable energy source, and as such sensor nodes must be prepared for periodic power loss. The aim of my research is to come up with new methods for state persistence in these intermittent systems, eventually creating a sensor OS middleware to employ the methods in an intelligent manner.

  • D. Richardson, H. A. Jhumka, Profiling Two Broadcast Protocols for Transiently Powered Wireless Sensor Networks. 2020. Published in proceedings for the 10th European Congress of Embedded Real Time Systems.


I have been involved in the teaching of the following modules:


  • CS132 - Computer Organisation and Architecture
  • CS139 - Web Development Technologies
  • CS313 - Mobile Robotics
  • CS347 - Fault Tolerant Systems


  • CS132 - Computer Organisation and Architecture
  • CS257 - Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CS313 - Mobile Robotics
  • CS345 - Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Communications


  • CS132 - Computer Organisation and Architecture
  • CS126 - Design of Information Structures
  • CS141 - Functional Programming

For the 2018/19 academic year I was also nominated for a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduate Researchers (WATE PGR), though sadly I did not make the short list of candidates.


Feel free to contact me at My office is located on the fourth floor in the Mathematical Sciences Building: MB4.17.

Picture of me (David)

David Richardson

D dot J dot Richardson at warwick dot ac dot uk

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