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Indranil Ghosh Ray

Research : Current research interests include E-Voting, PAKE (password authenticated key exchange), Searchable Encryption.

Teaching : Offered courses on Probability and Statistics to masters students.



1.SEAL: Sealed-Bid Auction Without Auctioneers. IEEE TIPS, 2019. DOI: 10.1109/TIFS.2019.2955793

2.Cryptographically Significant MDS Matrices Over Finite Fields: A Brief Survey and Some Generalized Results, Advances in Mathematics of Communications (accepted).

3. A New Lightweight Symmetric Searchable Encryption Scheme for String Identification,
IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 2018 DOI: 10.1109/TCC.2018.2820014.

4. Privacy-preserving iVector based Speaker Verification, IEEE Transactions on Audio,
Speech and Language Processing, 2018 (accepted).

5. Applications of Design Theory for the Constructions of MDS Matrices for Lightweight
Cryptography, Journal Of Mathematical cryptology(JMC), 11(2): 85 (2017).

6. Finding Biaffine and Quadratic Equations for S-Boxes Based on Power Mappings,
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7. Cryptographically Significant MDS Matrices Based on Circulant and Circulant-like Matrices for Lightweight Applications, Cryptography and Communications - Discrete Structures, Boolean Functions and Sequences (CCDS). Volume 7, number 2, pp. 257– 287, 2015.


1. On Diffusion Layers Of SPN Based Format Preserving Encryption Schemes: Format
Preserving Sets Revisited INDOCRYPT 2018 (accepted).

2. A Public Key Encryption Scheme for String Identification. TrustCom 2017, IEEE
Conference Proceedings, IEEE CS Press.

3. Privacy preserving encrypted phonetic search of speech data. ICASSP 2017: 6414-6418

4. SPF: A New Family of Efficient Format-Preserving Encryption Algorithms. Inscrypt 2016, pp. 64–83, Springer, 2016.

5. Format Preserving Sets: On Diffusion Layers of Format Preserving Encryption Schemes, Indocrypt 2016, pp. 411–428, Springer, 2016.

6. On Constructions of Circulant MDS Matrices For Lightweight Cryptography, In IS-PEC 2014, pp. 564–576, Springer, 2014.

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8. On Constructions of Involutory MDS Matrices, AFRICACRYPT 2013, pp. 43–60, Springer 2013.

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