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Lin Gui


Marie Curie Research Fellow

Room: 3.31
Email: Lin dot Gui at warwick dot ac dot uk


I obtain my PhD degree from Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen, China. My research interest includes Machine Learning, Nature Language Processing, and Sentiment Analysis. I am now a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellow in University of Warwick, UK.

Selected Publications

  • Chuang Fan, Qinghong Gao, Jiachen Du, Lin Gui, Ruifeng Xu, Kam-Fai Wong: Convolution-based Memory Network for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. SIGIR 2018: 1161-1164
  • Lin Gui, Yu Zhou, Ruifeng Xu, Yulan He, Qin Lu: Learning representations from heterogeneous network for sentiment classification of product reviews. Knowl.-Based Syst. 124: 34-45 (2017)
  • Minglei Li, Qin Lu, Yunfei Long, Lin Gui: Inferring Affective Meanings of Words from Word Embedding. IEEE Trans. Affective Computing 8(4): 443-456 (2017)
  • Lin Gui, Jiannan Hu, Yulan He, Ruifeng Xu, Qin Lu, Jiachen Du: A Question Answering Approach to Emotion Cause Extraction. EMNLP 2017: 1593-1602
  • Jiachen Du, Ruifeng Xu, Yulan He, Lin Gui: Stance Classification with Target-specific Neural Attention. IJCAI 2017: 3988-3994
  • Lin Gui, Dongyin Wu, Ruifeng Xu, Qin Lu, Yu Zhou: Event-Driven Emotion Cause Extraction with Corpus Construction. EMNLP 2016: 1639-1649
  • Lin Gui, Ruifeng Xu, Yulan He, Qin Lu, Zhongyu Wei: Intersubjectivity and Sentiment: From Language to Knowledge. IJCAI 2016: 2789-2795
  • Ruifeng Xu, Lin Gui, Jun Xu, Qin Lu, Kam-Fai Wong: Cross lingual opinion holder extraction based on multi-kernel SVMs and transfer learning. World Wide Web 18(2): 299-316 (2015)
  • Lin Gui, Qin Lu, Ruifeng Xu, Minglei Li, Qikang Wei: A Novel Class Noise Estimation Method and Application in Classification. CIKM 2015: 1081-1090
  • Lin Gui, Qin Lu, Ruifeng Xu, Qikang Wei, Yuhui Cao: Improving Transfer Learning in Cross Lingual Opinion Analysis Through Negative Transfer Detection. KSEM 2015: 394-406
  • Lin Gui, Ruifeng Xu, Qin Lu, Jun Xu, Jian Xu, Bin Liu, Xiaolong Wang: Cross-lingual Opinion Analysis via Negative Transfer Detection. ACL (2) 2014: 860-865
  • Ruifeng Xu, Jun Xu, Jie Liu, Chengxiang Liu, Chengtian Zou, Lin Gui, Yanzhen Zheng, Peng Qu: Incorporating Rule-based and Statistic-based Techniques for Coreference Resolution. EMNLP-CoNLL Shared Task 2012: 107-112