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Chris Hickey


I'm a second year PhD student in Warwick's Department of Computer Science, supervised by Graham Cormode. I did my undergrad (MMath) across the bridge, in the Warwick Mathematics Institute.

My research involves verification of data analysis algorithms, whereby we have a solution provided by a powerful computer, and we wish to verify the result using minimal resources. More specifically, we're looking into algorithms regarding dimensionality reduction of large matrices, using methods such as principal component analysis, that allow us to verify the result using constant memory.

Visited Conferences, Colloquiums and Workshops

  • BCTCS 2017 - University of St Andrews, 26-28th April 2017
  • HALG 2017 - TU Berlin, 9-11th June 2017
  • WPCSS - University of Warwick, 30th June 2017
  • DIMACS Workshop on Outsourcing Computation Securely - Rutgers University, 6-7th July 2017



  • CS356 Approximation and Randomisation Algorithms - 2017/18 Term 2
  • CS260 Algorithms - 2017/18 Term 1

C dot Hickey at warwick dot ac dot uk