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Mohsin Bilal


Room CS 3.04

Tissue Image Analytics Lab

Department of Computer Science
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL


Research Interests

Deep Learning, Image Processing, Computational Pathology

Selected Publications

  • Bilal M.,A. Raza, A. Azam, S. Graham, M. Ilyas, I.A. Cree, D. Snead, F. Minhas, N. M. Rajpoot,, Development and validation of a weakly supervised deep learning framework to predict the status of molecular pathways and key mutations in colorectal cancer from routine histology images: a retrospective study, The Lancet Digital Health, Volume 3, Issue 12, 2021, Pages e763-e772, ISSN 2589-7500,
  • Hatami N., M. Bilal and N. Rajpoot. “Deep Multi-Resolution Dictionary Learning for Histopathology Image Analysis.” ArXiv abs/2104.00669 (2021)
  • Wahab N, Miligy I., Dodd k., Sahota H., Toss M., Lu W., Jahanifar M., Bilal M., Graham S., Park Y., Hadjigeorghiou G., Bhalerao A., Lashen A., Ibrahim A., Katayama A., Ebili H., Parkin M., Sorell T., Raza S.,, Hero E. , Eldaly H., Tsang Y., Gopalakrishnan K., Snead D., Rakha E., Rajpoot N., Minhas F. Semantic annotation for computational pathology: Multidisciplinary experience and best practice recommendations, ArXiv:2106.13689 (2021)
  • Lu W., S. Graham, M. Bilal, N. M. Rajpoot, F. Minhas; Capturing Cellular Topology in Multi-Gigapixel Pathology Images, Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Work-shops, 2020, pp. 260-261.
  • Bilal, M. Mujtaba, H., and Jaffar, M. A., “Novel Optimization Framework to Recover True Image Data,” Cognitive Computations, published online 30 Jun. 2015; Vol. 7, No. 6, 2015, pp. 680–692.
  • Arif, M., Bilal, M., Kattan, A., and Ahamed, S. I., “Better Physical Activity Classification Using Smartphone Acceleration Sensor,” Journal of Medical Systems, published online 8 Jul. 2014; Vol. 38, No. 95, 2014, pp. 1–10.
  • Bilal, M., Hussain, A., Jaffar, M. A., Choi, T. S., and Mirza, A. M., “Estimation and optimization based ill-posed inverse restoration using fuzzy logic,” Multimedia Tools and Applications, published online 06 Jul. 2012; Vol. 69, No. 3, 2014, pp. 1067–1087.
  • Khan, S., Bilal, M., Sharif, M., Abbas, M. S., and Baig, R., “Solution of n-Queen problem using ACO,” 2009 IEEE 13th International Multitopic Conference, Islamabad, 2009, pp. 1-5.