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Council elections of EATCS 2019

I think that EATCS is known for:

  • having organised many great and memorable ICALP conferences;
  • its care for early career researchers, for whom it has run very nice Young Researchers' Schools;
  • awarding a good variety of well-respected prizes;
  • having produced many red Bulletins that can be found on shelves of old theoretical computer scientists, and that contain funny photos of them when they were young;
  • having missed that ICALP clashed with LICS in a recent year;
  • having spent a lot of time talking about Track C of ICALP.

I would do my best towards EATCS:

  • engaging more with the European and national research funding agencies to promote the value of theoretical computer science;
  • working on increasing the reputation of ICALP;
  • supporting more the brilliant Highlights and HALG conferences;
  • helping spread out the annual timings of the top Track B conferences (ICALP, LICS, POPL, ...);
  • growing a highly reputable and fast journal publication venue (possibly already existing), as a strong alternative to leading conferences;
  • striving for a European theoretical computer science that is more gender balanced, more respectful and fairer, from the undergraduate level onwards;
  • overcoming the Tracks A and B divide wherever possible;
  • working further with IGAFIT to raise the global profile of European theoretical computer science;
  • developing its eastern chapters, so that the geographical centre of EATCS moves closer to Warsaw.