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Adam Tsakalidis

I am a PhD candidate (PhD in Urban Science), supervised by Alexandra I. Cristea and Maria Liakata. My main research interests are in the areas of Social Media Mining and Natural Language Processing, with a primary focus on sentiment and emotion mining from social media and their implications in real-world events.

I am originally from Thessaloniki, Greece. I have completed my undergraduate studies in the University of Thessaly (Greece) and my postgraduate (MSc) ones in the University of Warwick (UK), both in the rather broad field of Computer Science. I have done several internships and worked as a Research Assistant at the Information Technologies Institute during the SocialSensor project. Currently I am a member of WISC and IAS groups at the University of Warwick.

When spending time out of research, I am being awful at playing chess and a pretty bad guitar player.

PhD Research

Over 70% of the global population is expected to live in big cities by the next 30 years. At the same time, the use of social media is growing at tremendous rates. Motivated by these very basic facts, as well as the continuously increasing availability of urban- and social-related data, my work focuses on opinion and emotion mining of social media users, as an attempt to model and predict real-world events and urban-related indices based on users' reactions to the present.

With the general goal being to detect casual relations between events as a consequence of users' reactions to current ones, my PhD is split into studying different application domains, such as crime or flu rates prediction, predicting election results, building city happiness indices and others. The effective modelling of such domains based on social media can provide additional "sensors" for informing citizens and policy makers on the current state of an urban environment, but also on possible consequences of their actions.

Keywords: data mining, machine learning. natural language processing, social media, sentiment analysis



  1. Townsend, R., Tsakalidis, A., Zhou, Y., Wang, B., Liakata, M., Zubiaga, A., Cristea, A., and Procter, R. (2015). "WarwickDCS: From Phrase-Based to Target-Specific Sentiment Recognition." Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval 2015). (PDF Document)
  2. Tsakalidis, A., Papadopoulos, S., Cristea, A., and Kompatsiaris, Y. (2015). Predicting elections for multiple countries using Twitter and polls. Intelligent Systems, IEEE, 30(2), 10-17. (PDF Document)

Resources and Datasets

Greek Sentiment/Emotion Lexicon

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Adam Tsakalidis Profile

Adam Tsakalidis

A dot Tsakalidis at warwick dot ac dot uk