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Adam Tsakalidis

I am a PhD candidate (PhD in Urban Science), supervised by Alexandra I. Cristea and Maria Liakata. My main research interests are in the areas of Social Media Mining and Natural Language Processing, with a primary focus on sentiment and emotion mining from social media in a longitudinal fashion and their implications in real-world events.

I am originally from Thessaloniki, Greece. I have completed my undergraduate studies in the University of Thessaly (Greece) and my postgraduate (MSc) ones in the University of Warwick (UK), both in the rather broad field of Computer Science. I have done several internships and worked as a Research Assistant at the Information Technologies Institute during the SocialSensor project. Currently I am a member of WISC and IAS groups at the University of Warwick.

When spending time out of research, I am being awful at playing chess and a pretty bad guitar player.

PhD Research

The adoption of social media and smart devices by millions of users worldwide over the last decade has resulted in an unprecedented opportunity for NLP and social sciences. Users publish their thoughts and opinions on everyday issues through social media platforms, while they record their digital traces through their smart devices. Mining these rich resources offers new opportunities in sensing real-world events and indices (e.g., political preference, mental health indices) in a longitudinal fashion, either at the macro (population)-, or at the micro(user)-level.

My research aims at developing approaches to "nowcast" (predict the current state of) such indices at both levels of granularity. The basis of my work lies within the areas of natural language processing and machine learning: from (static) document-level analysis tasks (e.g., sentiment analysis) to longitudinal modelling of macro- or micro-level indices in a temporally sensitive manner, using heterogeneous and asynchronous data generated by social media and smart phone users. My primary application areas lie within the political and the mental health domains.

Keywords: natural language processing, machine learning, longitudinal modelling, social media, smartphones



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Resources and Datasets

Greek Sentiment/Emotion Lexicon (manually annotated)

Resources for Sentiment-Related Tasks in Social Media in the Greek Language (datasets, lexicons, embeddings)

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Adam Tsakalidis Profile

Adam Tsakalidis

A dot Tsakalidis at warwick dot ac dot uk