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Phillip Taylor


I am a PhD student of the Department of Computer Science here at The University of Warwick. I am a member of the Performance Computing and Visualisation (PCAV) group, supervised by Nathan Griffiths and Abhir Bhalerao. My research is funded by an EPSRC DTG award and is in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). My undergraduate degree was in computer science Warwick, and I graduated with an MEng in 2011.


My research is involved in assessing the cognitive load of a driver through data mining of vehicle telemetry data. Traditionally, psycho-physiological sensors have been used to detect when a driver is under increased workload. However, it is not feasible for a driver to attach themselves to these somewhat intrusive sensors before each journey. Therefore, it is more suitable to use data from non-intrusive sensors already on the car, such as steering wheel angle and pedal depression. We aim to, through data mining techniques, some method of estimating the driver's current cognitive load from data collected from such sensors.


I have been involved in teaching as a lab or a seminar tutor in the CS118, CS126, CS130, CS133, CS134, CS255, CS342 and CS403 modules.

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Phillip Taylor

phil at dcs dot warwick dot ac dot uk