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Mmaki E Jantjies



Dumelang and welcome to my profile. I completed my computer science research degree at the University of Warwick in the Intelligent and Adaptive Systems research group, under the supervision of Dr. Mike Joy and was based in the Education Technology Lab.


My research focus was on educational technology. I investigated the use of bilingual mobile technology solutions to support learners education in South African schools.

The rising pressure for appropriate technology has shifted the paradigm of software development to focus on individual needs as opposed to mass development. In this light education technology has also moved towards learner-centerd development concentrating on the learner in context. South Africa still faces educational challenges with resources available to learners and schools.

My research looked at how mobile learning technology could be used to enhance access to existing learning material for learners in South Africa. Considering the imminent access of mobile phones in both urban and rural areas, mobile software can be used to reduce digital and resource divides in varying communities. The development of appropriate mobile learning software under study aimed to give school learners an opportunity to access ubiquitous learning material also supporting the use of South African languages.

Other Research Interests

Educational Gaming technologies

Web and Database technologies

E - Learning

Electronic Commerce

Selected Publications


Jantjies, M. and Joy, M. (2012). Multilingual Mobile Learning-A Case Study of Four South African High Schools. In: 11th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual. Helsinki, Finland, pp.208-211. 

Jantjies, M. and Joy, M. (2013). Mobile learning through indigenous languages: learning through a constructivist approach. In: 12 th World conference on mobile and contextual learning. College of the North Atlanic, Qatar.

Jantjies, M. and Joy, M. (2014). A framework to support mobile learning in multilingual environments. In: IADIS 10th International conference on Mobile learning. Madrid, Spain.

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Department of Computer Science

IAS Research Group -Education Technology Lab
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL UK
Tel: +44 75 1153 0408
Fax: +44 24 7657 3024