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Reem Qadan Al Fayez

About Me:

I am a Computer Science student at Warwick University. I started my PhD in Mar '12 . My academic background is primary about computer science; I started off with an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from the University of Jordan and I graduated top of class, afterwards I did a postgraduate Msc degree in Information Systems (IS) also at University of Jordan. I specialized in adaptive systems during my Msc studies by doing a thesis titled (Usage Pattern Discovery and Links Recommendation in Web-based Educational Hypermedia).

Current Research:

Now I am apart of Intelligent and Adaptive Systems (IAS) research group research group which explores and develops innovative software technologies applied to areas which include the social and semantic web, education and educational technology, and human-computer integration.

Under the supervision of Dr. Mike Joy, I am currently investigating the use of Linked Data in Medical Education domain. Educational content available on the web is playing an important role in the teaching and learning process. Learners search for different types of learning objects such as videos, pictures, and blog articles and use them to understand concepts they are studying in books and articles. The current search platforms provided can be frustrating to use. Either they are not specified for educational purposes or they are provided as a service by a library or a repository for searching a limited dataset of educational content.

My work focuses on enabling automatic harvesting and connecting of medical educational objects based on biomedical ontologies. The goal is to build a Linked Data set from disjoint heterogeneous web databases entries and build one coherent linked dataset stored in RDF triple store.


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Department of Computer Science, room:CS 329


Reem Al Fayez

R dot Qadan-al-Fayez at warwick dot ac dot uk