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James Archbold

About Me

I am a post graduate researcher at the University of Warwick, supervised by Dr. Nathan Griffiths. I did my undergraduate degree here at Warwick, receiving an MEng qualification. I am currently funded by the EPSRC.


My research focuses on influence spread and cascade models. By modelling how influence and ideas spread throughout a social network, it is hoped we can better understand epidemics and at what point they can become a serious issue to a community. There are further applications in helping to increase the effectiveness of things such as viral marketing. Identifying influential individuals within a network allows us to see the best people to target with such campaigns and spread our message or product to the largest number of people we can.


I have been involved with the following modules in previous years:

  • CS118 - Programing for Computer Scientists
  • CS126 - Design Of Information Structures
  • CS133 - Professional Skills
  • CS313 - Mobile Robotics
  • CS324 - Computer Graphics
  • CS345/912 - Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Communications
  • CS404 - Agent Based Systems

Contact Information