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Maram Al Zaidi

! " People do not wander around and then find themselves at the top of Mount Everest"

Zig Ziglar

I am in the third year of my PhD and member of the Intelligent and Adaptive Systems group ( IAS).

About Me

I completed the BSc in Computer Science at the college of applied science,Taif University at Kingdom of Saudia Arabia in 2004.My graduate dissertation concerned database system. Following this I moved to Jordan for completing a MSc in computer science atKing Abdullah II School for Information Technology, in 2008. I also hold a professional diploma certificate in Electronic Government (e-Gov),studying law of e-Gov,quality of management system in e-Gov and project management, University of Jordan in 2009. I am now pursuing my PhD. I am a lecturer at Taif Universisity, 2008-present.

About my research

Student note-taking in lectures and seminars is moving from a "pen and paper" approach to electronic formats. However, use of word-processors and similar tools are cumbersome, especially on students' mobile devices. A possible solution is the use of "micro note-taking" in which short messages (similar to phone texts) are composed by students and then re-assembled on a server. This allows for semi-automatic analysis after the teaching session is complete. This research has been developing a new framework for micro note-taking. A tool based on the framework is being developed and evaluated (both technically and pedagogically) in order to validate the framework.


Al-Zaidi, M.S., Joy, M.S. and Sinclair, J.E. (2013) Exploring the Use of Micro Note-Taking with Social Interaction Features for Education. In: International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN13), 1-3 July 2013, Barcelona, Spain. (In Press)

Al-Zaidi, M.S., Joy, M.S. and Sinclair, J.E. (2014) Micro Notes Application for Education: a Proposed Mobile Micro Note-taking Architecture. In: 13th European conference on e-learning (ECEL 2014), 29-30 October 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark. (In press).

Al-Zaidi, M.S., Joy, M.S. and Sinclair, J.E. (2016) Micro Note-Taking on Smartphone: The Learner Experience. In: 8th international conference on mobile, hybrid, and on-line learning (eLmL 2016), 24-28 April 2016, Venice, Italy.

Skills development

PG Certificate in Transferable Skills

PGA: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Contact Details

Room:CS 329

Department of Computer Science

University of Warwick

Tel: +44(0) 2476522485


IEEE Member