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Eleanor Davies

About Me

I am currently a postgraduate research student in the Department of Computer Science, having started in October 2016. My PhD is supervised by Dr. Sara Kalvala, and funded by the EPSRC. Prior to this I completed a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Computer Science and Applications, both also at the University of Warwick.


My research is based in the area of compilers and programming languages. The objective is to examine compiler correctness for Scala, with a particular focus on maintaining correctness guarantees when compiled components are linked with external target code.

Much of the time, software developers rely on being able to compile individual components, linking them together at the target code level. Taking this into account, the area of compositional compiler correctness looks at two main properties:

  • horizontal compositionality - allowing linking with target components of arbitrary origin.
  • vertical compositionality - allowing the verification of compilers containing multiple passes.

Scala is an increasingly popular JVM language, combining functional and object-oriented programming paradigms. As a language which encourages component based programming and relies heavily on interoperability with Java, Scala is an ideal candidate for work on compositional compiler correctness.


In 2019/20, I am a lab tutor for CS118 Programming for Computer Scientists (Term 1) and CS141 Functional Programming (Term 2).

In previous years I have been involved with:

Eleanor Davies

Eleanor Davies

Eleanor dot Davies at warwick dot ac dot uk