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Andrew Owenson

About me

I'm a PhD researcher in the High Performance & Scientific Computing group, following on from a MSc in Computer Science. Prior to the MSc I did a 3 year stint in bespoke software development in the CAD/CAM industry, and before that was my undergraduate CS degree at York.

Research brief

My PhD is an industrial research collaboration with Rolls-Royce, a large user of HPC for their simulations of unstructured-mesh computational fluid dynamics (CFD). My work encompasses several areas that seek to develop and apply performance engineering techniques to address the goal of improving the performance of their production CFD code:

  • develop a mini-application for Rolls-Royce's production CFD code, representative of its performance characteristics yet free of restrictions
  • develop a performance 'projection' model for the mini-application, transforming its collected performance data into predictions for the target CFD code
  • use the mini-application and performance model to assess suitability of optimisations to the target CFD code

    Andrew Owenson

    a dot m dot b dot owenson at warwick dot ac dot uk