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Malkiat Thiarai


I am a part time PhD student at Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities having joined the University in January 2015. I am employed full time as the Head of Corporate Information Management at Birmingham City Council, where I lead a team of staff in managing the Council's obligations in respect of information law, privacy and security and records management.

I hold an MBA from Birmingham University (1996-1999) and the LLM Information Rights Law and Practice from the University of Northumbria (2007 - 2009).

Research Interests

The focus of my reseach is in identifying trends in data to support current and future service planning for vulnerable and at risk children and young people in Birmingham.

There is huge national interest in tackling the issues surrounding the needs of vulnerable children and adults. High profile child deaths that have made national headlines highlight the major challenges facing cities in protecting and safeguarding its most vulnerable citizens. The performance of a local authority in meeting these needs is the focus of the national regulator, Ofsted. This particular research project is focussed on the outcome of Ofsted inspections in Birmingham. In 2010, 2012 and 2014, Ofsted judged the provision of the services to children in Birmingham as inadequate, meaning that there are widespread and serious failures that leave children and young people at risk of harm. The basis of my research is to investigate data held by Birmingham City Council’s social care system with a view to extract and analyse historic data held to tackle persistent failures in the service leading to poorer outcomes for children and young people.

Going forward I would expect to add further data elements such as gender, religion, ethnicity and disability and allow for more detail of the types of services being provided to a diverse population. Further analysis can be carried out on earlier parts of the service delivery process including initial referral and assessment processes to determine the overall demand for services, the time and effort involved in processing requests for service as well as an analysis of the decision making process,.

The research is intended to support the development of policy and services that reflects the needs (and emerging needs) of the population against the potential budget the Council has to meets these needs. The analysis and intelligence derived from the data can also shape future service delivery by location, type of services and frequency.


Malkiat Thiarai

M dot S dot Thiarai at warwick dot ac dot uk