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Tejas Kulkarni

Hello world! My name is Tejas Kulkarni and I am a 4th year Ph.D student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick, UK mentored by Prof. Graham Cormode. Previously, I did my masters with Prof. John Augustine in India.

My current research interests is privacy preserving data analytics. Now a days, I am building some background in differential privacy. I am affiliated with the WISC.

I spent the academic year 2016-17 at the Alan Turing Institute, London.

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My Google Scholar profile



    Accepted Papers during my PhD

    Work Under Progress (I will add links once the work is completed.)

    • Releasing PQR in decentralized privacy settings. With Aurelien Bellet et al. from Magnet, INRIA Lille)

    During my masters, I dabbled in the area of theory of distributed algorithms. These are the publications from my masters education.

    Here is a short summary of my career and educational trajectory.

    • PhD student at the University of Warwick (Nov 2015 - )
    • Software Engineer, AdElement Media, Pune, India (Aug 2014 - Oct 2015)
    • Masters research student in the Dept. Of Computer Science at Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras, India (Jan 2012- July 2014) with Prof. John Augustine. I was associated with the ACT lab.
    • Project internship at LSI Logic Pune, India ( Dec 2011- Feb 2012)
    • 6 months diploma In Embedded Systems from CDAC,ACTS, Pune, India(2010- 2011)
    • Software engineer at HSBC GLT, Pune (June 2008- July 2009)
    • B.E. (Computer Science) , Govt. College Of Engg. Aurangabad, India (2004-2008)

    For more details about my work, please visit my LinkedIn page.

    I will update about my research as it progresses.

    You can contact me at abc[at] where a <= tejas , b <=vijay , c<= kulkarni & d<=gmail

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